Some years ago, in the aftermath of a blizzard my husband, who just got out of the hospital after surgery, insisted on using a 200 lb snowblower. I couldn't stop him and found myself so angry and shocked, I spontaneously called out to the heavens to send me all my power. I could not depend on him to make good decisions, I needed major HELP. I have been a Reiki master since 97 and I'm no stranger to power and energy. I called, "whatever power is available to me from any direction or source send it now!" The next day, while driving, a voice in my head said, "Hi, my name is Nui and I am a Polynesian shaman and your shamanic guide. I will teach you whatever you need to know to become a Powerful shaman in your own rite. That was the beginning.

I am the founder of the Shaman Collective, a group of shamanic practitioners in the US and Australia that meets biweekly to learn from spirit and each other. When we meet you may notice my crooked smile.This is my "mark of the shaman." I have had it since birth and only now that I have owned my shamanic identity does it make sense as a badge of identity.

​I am also a working artist. The animal portraits you see in this website are my renderings. You can find more work at

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At a rest stop in a desert in Egypt someone put a baby lion in my arms. I never knew until that moment that this is one of the few things I needed in my life: to hold a baby lion for a moment.