A great humor and creativity tool can be accessed through sites like ToonDoo.com. There, for a simple sign-up you can easily create cartoons, comic strips, save, share and publish your cartoons. All for free. What does your alter ego have to say about feeling trapped or getting unstuck? Check out their galleries of Toondooer's work!

Tap Dancing (emotionally speaking) is alive and well. Using gentle tapping touch at a series of body points can, in a few minutes, defuse pain, release upset and lead to deepening of self love and self understanding. Go to Emofree.com to find instructions and a community of wonderful people who share everything to help others live freer, happier lives. Gary Craig has a wonderful newsletter as well.
Byron Katie's four questions and turn around is another body of work that has helped thousands to examine their thoughts and beliefs in a simple easy technique that produces quick results. Imagine people in prison or fatally ill looking at their thoughts and realizing they are not victims after all. Thework.org
Sometimes someone holding the space while you see what's true makes a big difference. Tom Watts is such a person. See his yoursecretgarden.org to make contact.
Another good space for change is the positive energy work of Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting. She calls it law of attraction but it includes learning to hold positive thought.
Look into Ho'oponopono (see  SITH® Website) a powerful method of healing through owning and releasing.