I created this website to align myself with my vision and consciously join the community of people actively living lives that nurture themselves and others.

Although I have been stuck many times, and sometimes for more years than I want to admit, I have relied upon these tools and the ever-present flow of change. Life always changes and I find if you are willing to look up and around you, open your heart just a little to the possibility of your dreams, you move along with it, more easily. So, like you, I am on my way. I've acknowledged that I am in the mix, not on the mountaintop where my ego sometimes thinks I should be. That gives me the chance to choose where I want to go from where I actually am, and get a reality-based reading on how to get there. Once I take a single step, help and signposts show up everywhere. They will for you, too. If I had my say, it would be: remember you are always on your path, you can always choose again, and, you belong here with us... we want to hear what you have to share.

Write and tell me how you are doing, or join my email list if you want to get reports from the field. All thoughts are welcome. I love that we're all different and have a variety of things to share and contribute. Check back from time to time for new stuff. This is a living, breathing website, involved in the business of change! Thanks for visiting.

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\Moving on\

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