Recovering from invasive entities like Coronavirus, Lyme and other Tick-borne infections a can be a life-changing time for you, especially if the infections are chronic or long term. This shamanic approach, using the power of vibrational plant medicine and plant light medicines can make it a time of discovery, strength building and empowerment.
Ever wonder why you were the one to get sick? Do you feel victimized by this disease and want to move past that perspective? Have you been searching for a way to be both powerful and at peace with nature? Let’s have a conversation.
Support from flower essences and the tick spirits themselves can augment recovery.
The Lyme Program is based on my work as a Shamanic Practitioner and the research over the past 15 years by Delta Gardens, working with clients diagnosed with Lyme disease and other co-infections and plant essences.

Spirit-centered work Around Corona:
- spirit medicine for protection and help
- fear release through ancestral work
- cleansing land, building and relations
Please call me at 215-431-4826 or email me at to have a conversation about viruses and you.

The role of Plant medicines in rebalancing the body, mind and emotions during and following an infection

The use of specific flower essences can support different dimensions of healing

Shamanic journeying will open your inner eyes, and let you see for yourself what is going on in you,  what is ready to change to promote healing and how to accomplish that.

2nd Sat of the month
Please call me at 215-431-4826 or email me at to have a conversation about Lyme and you.