In our shamanic work together I often use Gem Elixirs from Alaskan Essences Co. Here's what they say about gem elixirs.
The gifts of the mineral kingdom are structure and stability. Each mineral is a
stable structure that helps to anchor the energies of consciousness into physical form.
Gem elixirs are liquid preparations that contain the potentized healing vibrations
of a particular gem or mineral. They are made by placing a gem in a bowl of pure water
that is then activated by the energy of the sun. This water receives the energetic imprint
of the mineral used and is then preserved and diluted for internal and external use.
The primary action of gem elixirs is to stabilize and balance the energy field. This
includes the subtle bodies which make up the aura, and the chakras or main energy
centers of the body. Gem elixirs work by catalyzing the release of stress and tension
that has been allowed to accumulate in the auric field. As these dissonant energies are released, the subtle bodies and chakras come back into alignment, and the physical body is able to regain its natural balance, stability and resistance to stress.
Gem elixirs provide us with the means to transform the vibrational structure of
the body so it can stay in harmony with our consciousness as it grows and expands within the body. This is especially relevant for those involved in flower essence therapy.
Soul growth that is catalyzed through the use of flower essences steps up or
increases the frequency of  consciousness inhabiting the body. If we do not match
this expansion of consciousness with a corresponding change in the frequency of the physical body itself, we will not be able to maintain this growth in a balanced way. Gem elixirs address this situation by working with us to adjust and realign the energetic structure of our body at the molecular level. These adjustments make it
possible for us to maintain the stability of our physical forms while increasing our
capacity to experience transformational growth in consciousness.

Spirit-centered work with Gem Elixirs
- why they are so important
- how the provide what you are missing

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- Prior to all shamanic sessions, I ask the guardian of the gem world to tell me which elixirs you need to benefit the most from our session.
- A grid is set up and nature is brought in to deliver the elixirs to your body and energy field until you are fully saturated and stabilized.
- You may also request a set of 5 daily elixir treatments, to support your growth and stability anytime by using this appointment link. You will receive an email daily of the specific elixirs that were used (out of a potential 72 elixirs) and the benefits they provided to you.
This can be set up to support any project, health, relationship or life issue, creating a powerful foundation and clearing for change, balance and wellness.

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