In this time of change and challenge, I am offering a sampler of shamanic practices and journeys, and arranged them so that you can take one class, two or all of them, feeling into what makes sense for you and your life right now. Once you buy them, do them over and over to release the past and transform your life and what's possible for you. They will gently make you ready, support change and guide you forward.
Mondays at 4:30PM EST on  Zoom beginning
December 7, 2020. Recordings included.

Bonus Content: buy any 2 classes or more and get a download of Abundance through Playfulness.

Be sure to confirm the workshops you want when ordering. You will get a return email with confirmation and all details.
Removing Toxic Ancestral Patterns  
With the help of the spirit genealogist, choose a toxic pattern, travel to the first ancestor who had this pattern, remove it at the root from the whole lineage. (12/7/20)
Changing your Karma                                                      Using a witness and forgiveness technique, release karma from your past lives that is causing you confusion and trouble now. (12/14/20)
Dream Portal
Learn and practice the amazing skill of entering back into a dream to ask questions, see what’s hidden and make changes. (12/21/20)
Power Dismemberment
With the help of a powerful but gentle spirit, remove debris, pain and confusion from your personal space and re-member and activate who you deeply are. (12/28/20)
Allies, Teachers, & Animal Helpers 
Three strong techniques for healing your body, mind and emotions, gaining strength when you need it, and invoking true companionship. (1/4/21)
Protection and Ceremony
Gain muscle in the alchemy of protecting yourself and using short ceremony for transfiguring daily potential. (1/11/21)
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