A ​Usui R​eiki Master since 1997, I taught and practiced reiki for years before my own journey brought me to the world of spirit guides, Power Animals and direct revelation by stepping into non-ordinary reality.

This​ shamanic practice​ ​work​s​ with everything from physical, emotional and life problems, to A​g​gressive​ and Chronic Illnesses, and Death and Dying support . 

My skills include
- Power Animal Retrieval
- Soul recovery
- Extractions
- Incursion removal
- Ancestral healing
- Land and bui​l​ding clearing
- Dream portal work

I perform ​shamanic ​journeys, rattle baths, drumming and ceremony either with you or for you. Working in person ​in my healing studio ​and ​long distance​ is equally helpful ​using​ Skype and Zoom. 
What I enjoy best is working with you, as you learn to journey into your own issues, discovering and transforming the hidden issues together, creating wholeness and healing.​ My interest is in you stepping fully into the flow of change, leading to well-being, joy and health, however that authentically looks for you.

About Us

email me
You can reach us at:
1492 Society Hill Dr.
Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone: (215) 431-4826

Remote and in-person sessions by appointment
and how we work together
How sessions work:

​Your initial free consultation allows us to get to know each other a little bit and discuss what the issues are. We will agree on how to proceed and the fee, then a date will be set for our work. Before that time, I will journey into non-ordinary reality to:
- create our support team
- find out how we will proceed
- gain any insight we need at this point to move forward.

Sometimes one session is enough. However usually a schedule of 2 or more sessions is set up to get to the heart of the problem and allow healing to begin. You will decide. 

You will find I am compassionate and easy to work with. You will have all the time and space you need. You will feel heard, seen and supported throughout.