- Physical, emotional and life problems
- Aggressive​ and Chronic Illnesses
-  Death and Dying
- Soul loss recovery
- Extractions
- Ancestral healing
- Home clearing
- Past life resolution
- Depossessions
- Self sovereignty
- Aging support

Experience shamanic ​journeys, drumming, singing and ceremony, with you or for you. Working in person
​or on Zoom.
- Learn to journey into your own issues, transforming hidden issues, creating wholeness and confidence.
- Step fully into
the flow of change, into wellbeing,
joy and health.

Shamanic counselling, journeys, plant, gem and crystal medicine work

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Zoom sessions by appointment
Services & how we work together

How we work:

​Your initial free consultation allows us to discuss the issues and agree.
You schedule the appointment yourself. Before our session, I
- create our support team
- find out what needs to be addressed and the best way to work with it.
- gain any insight we need at this point to move forward.

Sometimes one session is enough. 2 sessions helps us to go deeper. You will decide.

You will find I am compassionate, thorough,  and easy to work with. You will feel heard, seen and supported throughout.

Shaman Sampler Workshops