The idea Radical Acceptance is getting a lot of press these days, although its been around for a long time and many have said it in many ways.  For me, being radically accepting of myself sounds like this:

"Although I am in this situation, I deeply love myself and acknowledge the wisdom I have in being exactly where I am, here/now. I choose to believe I had good reasons for feeling the way I felt, making the decisions I made and I have good reasons for wanting to make a change now. Although I don't often admit it, there is intelligence to my inner kid's fears and conflicted feelings, and for her still being around making her wants felt. I recognize that the paradox of change has its own wisdom.  I am wise about myself beyond anyone else's opinions and I honor my present feelings and circumstance as a legitimate leg of my life's journey. Who can possibly know me or love me more than myself?"
What's in your toolbox for Self change?

Mine includes Creativity, Support, and Tracking tools.
Creativity - games and fun ways to see things in a new light (like cartoons, writing letters from the future to my present self, even creating this website was a way to stretch my mind in new ways.
Get support and support yourself - Let friends in. Get small distractions out of the way for yourself. Get to the doctor, the dentist if you need to. Get a massage, eat a little healthier, move a little more. Find ways to relax that you enjoy. We offer reiki, zero point energy wands and sessions to help you along the way, see the links above.
Gently keep track to keep momentum up. Journal, email your progress to friends, join a support group or start one. Let someone know what you are doing and dealing with so they can help you stay centered.
Forgiveness - I find I need lots of this. I forgive myself daily for what didn't get done, for being human, for over extending then breaking my promises to myself. Its all about the journey. So forgive, laugh, be a good pal to yourself.