Is shamanism a good solution for You?

There are many modalities that relieve pain and help healing to happen.

Shamanism goes to the heart of issues by connecting to the energy of the problem itself, and gathering exactly what's needed to resolve the issue. It has no standard agenda. Unlike only using energy healing or crystals or sound therapy​, it uses them all when they are what's needed.
So that anything from ancestors, to past life clearing, the use of elemental spirits and power animals, the recovery or retrieval of lost soul parts that have been gone since a trauma (emotional or physical) in the past-anything can be shown as what is needed and employed in the name of healing.
And I don't heal for you, I work with you so you, yourself participate.

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No one can tell you what the true cause of your issue or illness is, without going inside and finding out directly what the deepest truth of the matter is. Nature and life cooperate fully with shamanism, so that recovery, increased aliveness and relief is often the outcome. Shamanism is ever-fresh, no canned processes are employed or needed.

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