The way forward...

Humor is sometimes a powerful way to gain a fresh look at a situation and entertain new options. Find a wonderful tool to make your own comic strips on the Tools page.
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Moving forward, through illness, uncertainty in relationships, career direction or life path can seem almost impossible. How do I get out of this? How do I get better? What is this really about and what can I do about it?

Feeling stuck happens to nearly everyone, if not for themselves, then in thinking of those closest to them. And those issues can easily get lodged in the body until we are really ready to take action and break free.

This site is about help us in doing just that--breaking free of illness, of feeling stuck, getting your own energy and insight back, so that you can see where you are and take the next step. Join us. Come in.
Tools for navigating transition
Reiki is a wonderful energy tool that soothes, heals and helps you to know the inside story of what your body is holding for you. More on the Reiki Tab
The Value of Story...
What's your story? Is someone stopping you from moving forward? Are you scared? Sick? Obligated? There are many ways to play with story to unhook it and loosen up its hold on you. Here are a few to get you started.
  • write an extravagant playful new script of how you want things to be. Imagine you have already made the change and here you are happy, settled, there! Only rule, no negatives allowed here (apologies, complaints, etc.) Let yourself breathe into the wonderful feeling of having already done it.
  • Now write a story from your future self of how you got there. What you said and did, what happened, how you got past stuck.
  • Or write 20 pages on your tragic situation. Let it All out!You will be surprised what happens.
  • Try turning your story around. "I'll never get out of here." Is it true? See The Work of Byron Katie on the Resources tab for tools to do that.

Use Everything!
On the Tools page you will find ideas and navigation tools to try. Help yourself. On the resources page you will find links to people and websites that might be helpful or at least will open you to some of what's out there.